Before you assume anything, I'd like to state that this poster is not the creator of this wiki nor am I speaking for them or am claiming to be. There never was need for war on this site; however, I find it funny how you throw the first stone so-to-speak in this "war" and have the nerve to compare yourself/selves to Martin Luther King and his fight for civil rights! Heck, your ability to argue and put your thoughts down in writing does not compare to his abilities to do so.

In any case, I'd like to point out that this wiki is free to exist. There are no laws being broken, simply rules of the site in which we're cataloging and sharing freely. It is no secret that this site in theory will contain spoilers. That ought to be expected from a wiki titled "PokefarmEggGuide". It is expected that people will choose to click here or they wont; if they click on this site and get spoiled, I'm sorry, but the blame falls entirely on that individual. In short, this wiki is a bit of a game guide. We only spoil what it is people are looking for, which is pokefarm egg information.

Dear creator of this Wiki: Please take down only this section of the wiki. Ive realized my mistake in vandalizing, I didnt know you could block IP addresses. This time when I wanted to post this, I couldnt, because my IP address was blocked. Please consider this: If you take off the wiki, we'll leave you alone unless another one comes up. Otherwise, it'll mean war, and all I want to do is make peace between us and keep the next generation clean and free of spoilers that they'll also want gone. Think of this: Martin Luther King Jr. Day. He helped in trying to integrate blacks and whites. Although he may have died for those beliefs, he made a difference. I would like to make you this offer, so its like Im being Dr. King Jr. right now. Please consider taking it down, and we shall stop vandalising your site for 2 hours of the 15th, I will make sure of it. They'll stop vandalising on this offer. We dont want to start a war, but we might have to if this will not be deleted. We may even have to call in extra forces to ensure you stop, if peace cannot be reached. Thank you for your time in reading this, and remember, we only want two things. 1. peace on these sites, and 2. the next generation clean and spoiler-free. Thank you. ~Pokefarm user body, td, input { font-family:arial; font-size:16px; }

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